Testimonials From Teacher Training and Workshop Participants

Amy is Awesome!
“Loved the observations and assessments of all the participants & then working therapeutically with live people—Amy is awesome!” -Delia R.
Superb Training!
“It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to learn from such amazing instructors and peers. If anyone is looking for great training in working with older adults and/or people with health issues, we highly recommend training with BoomerPlus Yoga and Yoga for Stability. Amy Kraft and Janet Rae Humphrey, respectively, have a wealth of knowledge to share on those specific demographics. Superb training!” -Veda
Vast Knowledge
“Thank you so much, Amy.  It was a great pleasure!!  I was just using what we practiced with the ball on my husband.  Thank you for sharing a little bit of your vast knowledge and your beautiful smile with us. Namaste.” -Julia Bryer
Inner Wisdom
“Amy is a wonderful woman who taught the essence of the human in each of us connects us with other naturally flowing each of the techniques. Amy teaches us that our inner wisdom work to help others compassionately.” -Natalia Isabel Manjarres Posada
Awesome Workshop
“Thank you so much for an awesome workshop. This week was very exciting for me. I implemented all of the skills and techniques I learned at your Boomer Plus yoga workshop last weekend. I have two Boomer Plus classes and work privately with a husband and wife in their seventies. Because of my training with both of you, I approached my teaching with a fresh perspective, and felt more confident and self- assured to empower my students with the gifts of your teachings. I had never done proud farmer before…I had my students laughing and giggling, as they filled their inner body bright…and in turn I also felt so bright and full from the experience of your workshop.it was a delight to meet both of you… thank you. Namaste.” -Lois
Inspiring Experience
“Truly an inspiring experience for me. I saw you “boomers” full of life, love and grace – I want to be in that space and share that love with all those around me. I’m so happy to have learned new techniques and I’m thrilled that Dr. Steve has agreed to have me teach the class at Yoga One starting next week! I look forward to keeping in communication with you and sharing my experiences! Please KIT!!! I send you all my love and hope to see you soon!” -Brendy
Immediately Made a Difference
“Truly loved your workshop, and would love to do more training in the future. If you would like to use my testimonial, please do. Your training immediately made a difference in my practice and in my teaching cues. Most appreciated. Namaste.” -Rosemary
Knowledge, Insight and Enthusiasm
“Your knowledge, insight and enthusiasm was very inspiring for all of us. I actually got to use the training I received from you that weekend (my senior boomer class) and again yesterday. I feel I was more grounded and relaxed with my therapy sessions as a result, (my MS client came into town again). with a hand on the back of my heart lots of love.” -Patty
Incredible Learning Experience
“This course was an incredible learning experience. It’s been a while since I’ve felt my brain soak up so much information. Amy is an amazing teacher who truly dominates the subject of bio mechanics of the human body for older adults. What I liked most is that instead of taking the easy route, she makes sure you know what’s going in the body before showing you the shortcuts, which makes it that much easier to understand. I would actually take this entire training again, that’s how good it was. Amy has the ability to present the information that can be difficult and complicated in a way that makes you want to know more about the topic and learn it thoroughly. I just loved it. Thank you very much!!!”
Kindred Souls
“Amy, beautiful teachers create beautiful space and draw kindred souls together. Thank you! Trying to live in the moment however it is difficult when I am so excited for session 2! I will use my 1/3 breath to relax! -Namaste!” -Kim Marie
My Full Endorsement
“Amy totally rocks as a teacher you guys! She has my full endorsement.” -Martin Kirk of Kirk Yoga
Excellent Workshop
“Thank you for the excellent workshop and material you gave us. I have already incorporated some new things into my class and they enjoyed them. I am looking forward to seeing you all again.” -Linda
I Really Got a Lot
“I really got a lot out of our session together, and my rib cage is feeling almost back to normal today! The bit about alignment is so important, and as I stretched this morning (doing a little morning home practice), I practiced stacking myself from the feet up and using those bio-mechanics you taught. All the best.” -Melissa
Great Success
“I feel certain that I will take these concepts to the classroom and have great success with them. Can’t wait to work with my private client again, and I will let you know how we progress….!

Thank you again for sharing your skills with me. I will put my feelers out for a Philly venue for you!”

Such an Eye Opener
“These BoomerPlus workshops have been such an eye opener—both for self & the different classifications of the BoomerPlus generations. It never ceases to amaze me how postural foundation and the breath can bring such relief to suffering.” -Gail B.
Inspiring and Useful
“Thank you for a beautiful three module workshop….it was one of the most inspiring and useful events that I have participated in a long time….”
Never Ceases to Amaze Me
“These BoomerPlus workshops have been such a eye opener—both for self & the different classifications of the BoomerPlus generations. It never ceases to amaze me how postural foundation and the breath can bring such relief to suffering.” -John J.
Great Instructor
“Amy is a great instructor. This program does not apply only to Boomers—it provides useful information for all people of varying levels of flexibility and physical strength. I have already incorporated some of the principles in my daily life and I am safely sharing some simple techniques that may help alleviate some health issues caused by foundation and other basic habits.” -Kaoru S.
Terrifically Educational and Fun
“This program is terrifically educational and fun for the beginning participant as well as the advanced!” -David M.
A Master
“Amy is a master at her craft. Her passion for yoga is contagious; her deep knowledge of the human body is intricate, and her sensitivity to the client is heartfelt and genuine. I attended all three weekend intensives with Amy and learned more than I could have anticipated about teaching and sensitizing to a wide range of client problems and concerns. After the completion of the third intensive I felt prepared to work with clients who may present with a variety of issues. This is because Amy teaches her students how to see and feel what is happening in the present. She teaches how to “be” with a person rather than project and interpret. A fine art that is often missed among teachers. Amy also provided our class with a wonderful abundance of examples, forms, handouts, reminders, cases, and “what ifs” to help prepare each of us on this most honorable journey of helping clients with therapeutic needs. So many things strike me as remarkable about Amy but one thing that I have found unique is her natural ability to create a community among her students. I genuinely felt loved and supported by this great woman. Amy walks her talk; she is funny and fun to work with; she adapts but remains on target with her teaching goals. Do yourself a great service and learn from this wonderful and deeply knowledgeable teacher.” -Patricia Raya, Ph.D.
Heart/Love Connection
“It was indeed a wonderful experience to attend your Therapeutic Yoga & Rehab Workshop…. It refreshed my mind about therapeutic treatments and it also inspired me to use the knowledge in a less physical way in the Drug Rehab Center where I work. I did a class with the theme heart/love connection telling my students that I can be as technical as I like with my instructions in the class but that it is even more important that we connect with our heart and the hearts of others as love is all that matters in life and brings happiness. And that the expression of the pose is all that counts with that love. I did some poses where my students had to do balancing Asanas with bringing their hands behind the heart of their partner and breathing into them to make them feel safe to open up for the pose and help with balance. Then they could slowly release the hand, knowing that the support, love they had given would help with expressing themselves to the fullest by themselves (with all the technical details included). It does not matter whether we do therapeutics on seniors or teach students with drug addictions, we all need love and support to heal, physically and mentally. A hand behind the heart and breathing together knowing we all are part of the same Universal Power and Prana. hope I will see the both of you back in Miami. It was a real pleasure meeting you and sharing this wonderful experience.Thank you, Namaste.” -Monique
Enlightening Session
“Thank you so much for an enlightening session yesterday. The majority of both modules I have taken are review for me. I know the anatomy in depth as well as the“sensitivity” or “heart” piece in order to be successful at both fitness and massage. I have been trained extensively in both. I assess on a daily basis with my eyes (fitness) and my hands (massage). The eyes can be deceiving because the body is GREAT at compensating but the hands can tell the true story. Good palpation skills come with time and practice.

However, yesterday it came together for me with the “Sequence/Program/Structure” part of the manual and the pose sheets you handed out. THIS is what I am looking for and need to study more in depth. You have shown me another way to assess which is gentler then what I use in a gym/fitness atmosphere yet not as soft or personal as a massage. Not only will these poses help strengthen/stretch the affected muscles but how the client gets into these poses (or NOT) will tell me where I need to focus with the other tools of my trade. The human body is AMAZING but it is a master masquerader. I am very excited about what I have learned and I hope we can get together to go through a program of poses from beginning to end.

My knowledge of yoga is limited and I am hungry to understand it. At times it may have seemed that I was not participating yesterday but I was deep in thought as I was observing, and as I watched the others I was thinking ”With their knowledge and experience in yoga, if they only knew what I know, they would be unstoppable. I need to know what they know. THEY are going to make a major difference in this world.” -Jane B.