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Lying Down Pigeon Pose/ Video Sixteen

Summer of Wellness, Video Sixteen Lying Down Pigeon Pose   Audio: Can’t hear this audio? Download VLC Media Player here: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/  or use Quicktime:  https://support.apple.com/downloads/quicktime-windows TEXT: The next exercise is terrific for the lower back, the pelvis as well as getting nice circulation in the legs and feet. It’s Lying Down Pigeon Pose. I’m always… Read More »

My Mother's Yoga Routine at Age 92

By Amy Kraft Seven years ago my Mom, at 85 ½ years young, asked me to teach her several yoga postures to diminish the pain in her lower back. I was quite surprised since I had been urging—no, pushing her—to try these fitness therapies that had transformed my quality of life as well as my… Read More »

The Big 'E': Emotions

When I am writing and teaching my program, BoomerPlus® Therapy & Yoga Rehab, to educators, health care professionals, body workers and fitness experts, I always emphasize the importance of  looking at the emotional aspects of the physical issue (the Big ‘E’) that is causing discomfort and pain. Do you know there is a strong connection… Read More »

Preparation for Hip Surgery:Part 3

Preparation for hip surgery, Part 3– breathing and visualizations for comfort and relaxation pre-op.  Descriptions for reducing pain and maintaining flexibility with renewed energy post-op. Today’s post is the final in our series on preparation for hip surgery.  We discuss both pre-op relaxation and  therapeutic yoga techniques for post-op recovery. Overview of Series on Preparation… Read More »

Preparation for Hip Surgery: Part 2

In today’s post, we continue our series on preparation for hip surgerywith the use of therapeutic yoga techniques for faster post-op recovery. In Part 1,we concentrated on the importance of my clients’ medical instructions, the breathing techniques & several postural alignment exercises for the lower extremities of my client s body–especially the feet. Today, in… Read More »

Preparation for Hip Surgery:Part 1

I am working with one of my clients in preparation for hip surgery.   I assist and support her with biomechanics and postural  alignment , strength and agility training. First, we discuss the advice and limitations from her surgeon.  Then we go to work, tailoring her program to her physician’s orders. Before any type of… Read More »

Therapy for Your Hips

The number of hip replacements has soared over 70% in the last 10 years! Osteoarthritis has become more prevalent and many people, even athletes, are forced into sedentary postures with pain in the hips. Stand with your side body facing the mirror. Are your thighs moving forward? Are your heels narrower than your toes? Perhaps… Read More »