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Exciting Announcements- Short Yoga Videos

Hi Everyone- This is Amy Kraft, creator of BoomerPlus Yoga and Corporate Wellness Matters. I’ve got exciting announcements for you! New Mantra Page First, I just put the very mantra I use every day on site which you can listen to and use right here: http://boomerplusyoga.com/mantras/ Short Yoga Video Series The other this is, we… Read More »

My Mother's Yoga Routine at Age 92

By Amy Kraft Seven years ago my Mom, at 85 ½ years young, asked me to teach her several yoga postures to diminish the pain in her lower back. I was quite surprised since I had been urging—no, pushing her—to try these fitness therapies that had transformed my quality of life as well as my… Read More »

New Year, New Skills!

BoomerPlus® training programs for 2015 are off and running- not that Amy Kraft takes a lot of time off from her work anyway. She is a woman in a mission to help people everywhere live healthier lives and from my vantage point, there’s not a minute to lose. My awesome husband and I have found… Read More »

A Confession

I have been in pain and discomfort for about 5 weeks.  Many of you noticed the lack of blog posts from BoomerPlus®.  Here’s the truth: I just did not feel good!    And this is the confession:  I did not want anyone to know that their teacher was in pain….Oh hubris, you have appeared in living… Read More »

LAUGH & RELAX: Enjoy Extended Puppy pose

How about a relaxing, stress-relieving pose that also lengthens the spine, opens the shoulders & calms the mind?  Extended Puppy Pose: Now, who would not want to try this posture?  Cooling for the hot summer months as well! You may want to prepare for Extended Puppy pose by doing Cow & Cat.  Sounds like I… Read More »

BOOMERPLUS®Fitness Formula: 7 minutes or less**

Last week I wrote a therapeutic group of postures for you to do upon awakening. This week I humbly give you a short sequence to calm your parasympathetic nervous system so you fall into a restful sleep. Before Sleep: Alignment and Therapy Mt pose and do all * poses Hands & knees in tabletop—Align spine/torso/hands… Read More »

BOOMERPLUS®Fitness Formula: 7 minutes or less*

Here is a refreshing way to wake up. Next week, I will write a calm relaxing way to prepare for sleep. Carefully roll over on your side.  Sit on the side of your bed—butt back, thighs back, head of your arm bones back– top of your brain in line with your pelvic floor. Conscious Breathing… Read More »