Yoga Testimonials

BoomerPlus© Yoga Testimonials From Individual and Group Yoga Students:

Knee and Back Pain Now Gone
“Amy, I started practicing yoga at age 60+ and was very happy to eliminate nagging knee and lower back pain. However recently I started having intermittent moderate to severe pain in my right hip. Pushing a grocery cart was especially painful. I scheduled a private session with Amy. After an evaluation Amy was able to show me several changes in alignment. I can now push a grocery cart with minimal if any pain and likewise do other activities with minimal pain. I would call this pretty amazing and am extremely grateful to avoid costly medical evaluation and treatment. Thanks!” – Jo
Outdoor Enthusiast Keeps Active
“I wanted you to know that indeed I still use many of the postures and moves you taught me. Elizabeth doesn’t usually see me doing this, as I’m up early most mornings. I’ve incorporated them into the routine I’ve traditionally used to ease the tightness in my back, and it all seems to work well for me.
On the Grand Canyon I did some of this, and the passengers assumed I was a yoga instructor! If only. I look forward to seeing you again, whenever you get back up here to the ‘Root. Best wishes to you.” – Skip
Back and Shoulder Pain Gone
“My old back and shoulder injuries, coupled with inactivity were taking a serious toll on my life. I could hardly get up the stairs, my shoulder was frozen and my back was stiff. Thanks to Amy, I get around normally, have full range of motion in my shoulder and am free from debilitating back pain. It’s been a couple of years now and I still do my therapy. Thanks, Amy!” -Karen
Scoliosis Pain Relief
“I have had scoliosis since a teenager—I am 56 years old. Amy does too and yet I would never have known it watching her exercise and her energy. She gave me a list of yoga therapies that I could do myself to help realign. My neck pain is gone now too!” -Len
No More Sciatica Pain
“I came to Amy with intense sciatica pain. The first day, she taught me how to re-align my body so that the pain diminished. Then we worked on how to be pain-free in daily life—Thank you!!!” -Richard
Severe Plantar Faciitis Relieved, Job Saved
“Plantar faciitis almost caused me to lose my job as a hairdresser since I am constantly on my feet. I called Amy as a last resort 3 days before surgery. In less than 2 weeks, she gave me the tools and commitment to work on my feet myself in between clients and at home. No surgery and I now own my own salon!” -Susan
Sports Injury Healed
“My son, the family jock, injured his back in a school football game. The doctor told him he couldn’t play until his pain was gone, probably at least 7-10 days. Thanks to Amy, he was pain free by the end of the one therapy session he did with her and didn’t miss a game.” -Lynn
Pain Relief through Alignment
“Amy worked with my daughter and myself on neck and shoulder issues with sometimes intense pain. She helped and supported us to find our correct postural alignment through exercises, patience and understanding. If we get pain, now we know how to alleviate and root out the cause!” -Deborah and Patty
77 Year Old Woman Regains Strength
“I am 77 years old with tremors since a child. I loved to hike and before I began working with you, I used a cane all the time. You taught me how to use my feet and legs again. My strength is returning slowly—yet steadily—and the tremors are sometimes not there at all. Hard to believe but true and I rarely use my cane. So grateful Amy.” -Leo
91, No Cane or Walker Needed
“Almost 91 years old with a laminectomy, 2 hip replacements and one knee replacement. For the past 4 years, I have been doing a 10 minute yoga postural sequence almost everyday. No cane nor walker for me!” -Edythe
Back Pain Relief
“Having suffered with back pain on and off for the past 7 years I needed something or someone to provide a drastic alternative to the therapy that I had participated in for the better part of a decade. That is what I found in Amy Kraft. When I first met Amy I was in excruciating pain, which emanated from my low back and which was mostly characterized by a burning sensation in my left ankle. We began with very basic movements sitting in a chair. That was even difficult for me. Amy also provided me with a thorough ergonomic evaluation and as a result I changed the way I sat in my office and in my car. This eventually changed the way that I positioned myself throughout the day and resulted in minimizing my pain. As my pain diminished, Amy taught me some standing postures and then once my pain was completely absent Amy was able to increase the intensity and the difficulty of the exercises. As a professor of exercise science, I know how difficult it is to prescribe exercise, specifically appropriate progressions and regressions as pain subsides or becomes worse. Amy has this skill in spades. She has a knack (rarely found in this business) to evaluate the injury, and get to the root cause. I am now pain free for about 4 weeks after seeing Amy for 4 sessions. I continue to perform the exercises that Amy prescribed and I am back to my regular exercise routine. Amy is one who understands the anatomy to the point that she is able to discern from where pain is emanating and then prescribes very specific exercise and ergonomic suggestions to eliminate pain completely. I have worked with trainers and physical therapists my entire career, there are few that possess the special intelligence and compassion that Amy provides. I highly recommend Amy to anyone that suffers from back pain, for those that need an education in postural alignment and for those looking for ergonomic suggestions to improve posture.” -David S.

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