Age and Yoga

What age is too old to start/practice yoga? I say “Never!” I started young to cope with the stress of a high-powered Wall Street career and I’m 72 now and have no plans to slow down. . My own mother didn’t start until in her 80’s and she’s 94! But this woman is proof that whatever your age, yoga will help keep you fit, strong and healthy throughout the aging process:

The Awesome Power of Senior Yoga:

She's still Strong
“I first met Edythe in 2013 at a yoga workshop, as she was demonstrating her newly acquired yoga routine. Edythe was hunched over, with the top part of her back rounded as she slumped forward. Her gorgeous face was lost into her chest and her neck had disappeared. I had the pleasure of meeting Edythe again in 2015 while participating in another workshop. Edythe took command of the room of young teachers to again demonstrate her continual, dedicated yoga practice. This was truly my ahhha moment as Edythe stood straight up, lifting her gorgeous face, opening her heart as the ‘bump’ on top of her spine and back was almost gone! What a miraculous difference in this beautiful 93 yrs young of a frisky, lovely, kind women, who just ‘goes for it! She warms everyone’s heart with her tenacity, dedication and beautiful caring yoga sequence that she incorporates into her daily life! And indeed, a fab life Edythe has!!! As we put our hands together with gratitude to her ‘energizing’, amazing daughter, Amy Kraft. The love and respect that these two special gals have for each other into giving mom Edythe the gift for a long, healthy and independent life is indescribable!”

Senior Wellness: It’s all about Balance

Why is the fear of falling so prevalent in older adults? When we think of seniors falling, we tend to think of a helpless person, flailing about, unable to get up or seek help. For far too many people, if they happen to fall, this would be their reality.

But does getting older guarantee getting frail and helpless?


(See Tim McCall, M.D: 75 health conditions benefited by yoga)

In fact, Boomer seniors are proving the stereotypes wrong all over the world. You can get stronger, be healthier, increase your agility and flexibility at every age. How does that happen?

Its all about balance.

Better balance because your legs are strong, you stand erect and your body is flexible. Better balance because properly aligned bodies don’t fall. Better balance because you can be stronger tomorrow than you are today.

It’s easy to think that you are too old, too out of shape or too sick to benefit from BoomerPlus programs. Not true! Edythe Kraft refused to consider yoga until age 85 1/2. Now at age 93, she does a regular routine to stay strong and flexible.

In fact, Amy and Edythe recently made a video together, called “Better Balance for Daily Living”. You can get that video right here on our web site.

See more videos here:  BoomerPlus YouTube Channel

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What We Know

One important aspect of working with older adults we’ve learned over the years is the need to work with you, where you are, right now. We can incorporate simple steps for better health and balance into your current lifestyle, then build on that with incremental changes to achieve the goals you desire.

“Dramatic lifestyle changes that go against lifetime habits seldom last. That’s why we work with you to develop a plan that works for you.” -Amy Kraft

By starting small and building on that, we can, over time, lead you to a healthier, happier lifestyle that sticks because it’s in sync with you. You’ll feel better without the stress of extreme, sudden change.

One way you can do this at home is with the video. Start with the warm up. Once you feel comfortable with that (a few days or a couple weeks later, however long it takes to feel natural to you) then add a pose or two in an area that most concerns you. Keep adding poses at a rate that is comfortable enough for you to make them a habit.

If you have any medical considerations, we suggest you contact Amy. It would also be advisable to have at least one private consultation with her in person if possible, or by Skype/web cam, to make sure you are doing the poses correctly and in alignment. Yoga is funny that way; if the alignment of the posture is off, it can stop you from getting all the benefits of the pose, and we don’t want that.

When adding a Therapeutic Yoga and fitness program to your health routine, why not consult with Amy Kraft and have a custom program designed just for you?
Call Amy @ (406) 546-6922.

“Seniors Challenge the Yoga Stereotype”

Yoga Journal Talks About Seniors
and Yoga: April 19, 2013

By Sherry Campbell Bechtold and Laura Peters

Videos for Seniors

chair yoga group

We have an ever growing assortment of videos  on the BoomerPlus channel of interest to seniors-
help for dry mouth, fall prevention, getting up after a fall and more.

BoomerPlus senior yoga videos

We’re here to help. To discuss specific needs or issues with Amy:

Email her at: or just pick up the phone and give her a call. Her direct line is: 406-546-6922. Amy is based in the Scottsdale, AZ area but frequently travels the U.S.