Regaining My Fitness: Post Op- Part 3

By | May 17, 2017

This week is the third in my series on my Postures that I use in regaining my fitness after recovery from cervical spine surgery. Perhaps this program will be helpful for you or someone you know who is recuperating after surgery or illness.  These exercises are also great to strengthen your body and for greater range of motion and balance.   Important note:  Be sure to get your doctor’s permission to start exercising after surgery. Be careful to adjust any routine you do to fit your specific needs and physician recommendation. Listen to your body- don’t overdo it.

Here are the next 2 exercises that I do first thing in the morning. I also do my exercise program in the late afternoon before dinner. Click on the link to this 2 minute video (Here’s the link).

Exercise One

  1.  Stand with your side to a counter or a chair so if you feel a bit wobbly, you can hold on. The most important principles, especially after surgery, are to align and stabilize before you move!
  2.  Come into a lunge with the forward leg closest to the chair. Make sure your hips are square to the front.  Bring your palms together—extending your torso and broadening your upper back, with shoulders relaxed.
  3.  Bend the back leg without allowing the front knee past your ankle.  Feel your gluts ignite!  (My right glut was not engaging so this exercise was very important) Many people have weak gluts which may cause imbalance.
  4.  Bend your back knee 10 times.  Now turn to the other side, repeat.

Exercise Two

  1.    After an asymmetrical pose, I always do a symmetrical pose to balance. I love Goddess pose.  Stand with your back against the wall if you feel wobbly.
  2.    Bring your feet wide apart and bend your knees, making sure your knees align between your 2nd and 3rd  Bring your palms together, torso extended, back broad, and shoulders relaxed.
  3.    This pose strengthens your inner thighs especially.  Hold for a minute or more.

Remember to always align and stabilize before you move!


You will see more of my exercise program in the weeks to come.

Yoga Teachers need specialized training to help them be aware of issues older students, like myself, experience.  So many of my generation are seeking better health through yoga despite significant health challenges so the need for skilled specialists to teach them has never been greater. I am always seeking new venues to offer this skill-building program.  To host the program in your area contact me or simply give me a call directly at (406) 546-6922.

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-Amy Kraft

P.S. My “How to Give a Great Workshop” webinar is available on the Yoga Alliance web site.

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