Regaining My Fitness, Part Four

By | May 24, 2017

 Regaining My Fitness- Post Op, Part 4

This week is the fourth in my series on regaining my fitness that I use in my recovery from cervical spine surgery. I’m sharing my routine in the hope it will be helpful for those who are recuperating after surgery or illness.  These exercises are also great for strengthening your body and developing greater range of motion and balance.   Important note:  Be sure to get your doctor’s permission to start exercising after surgery. Be careful to adjust any routine you do to fit your specific needs and physician recommendation. Listen to your body- don’t overdo it.


Here are the next 2 exercises that I do first thing in the morning. I also do my exercise program in the late afternoon before dinner. Click on the link to this 2 minute video and follow along as I demonstrate each posture.  (here’s the link).


  1. The first exercise is “standing pigeon” which I like to do in 3 actions. It is a wonderful hip opener as well as a stretch for the quadratus lumborum (back muscle) when you bow forward, turning towards your foot.  Always come back to symmetry and balance between sides.


  1. The second exercise is great for elongating and expanding your torso as well as strengthening and stabilizing the knees and quadriceps.  Make sure you can feel your lower back against the wall, lift your belly, bringing your navel towards your spine.  Take 10 full breaths.


Remember to always align and stabilize before you move!


You’ll get the full series of my exercise program in the weeks to come.

Yoga Teachers need specialized training to help the Boomer senior, like me, be aware of older student issues.  So many of my generation seek better health through yoga despite significant health challenges so the need for skilled specialists to teach them has never been greater. I am always seeking new venues to offer this skill-building program.  To host the program in your area contact me or simply give me a call directly at (406) 546-6922.

The next “Chair Yoga for Seniors and the Health Challenged” workshop is October 19-22, 2017 in Scottsdale, AZ. Limited spaces available, so early enrollment is encouraged. Contact me to learn more.

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P.S. My “How to Give a Great Workshop” webinar is available for Yoga Alliance members.

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