My Bio

My Bio

Focus: As a highly skilled specialist, I integrate yoga/fitness therapeutics and rehabilitation working with private individuals, physicians, physical therapists, and body workers. I’ve invested more than 30 years  Amy Kraft, skilled yoga and fitness specialistlearning how to quickly get relief from discomfort and function optimally, in ways that last.

Education: I received my BA summa cum laude from Syracuse University and Masters accreditation from New York University Stern Business School.

Background: BoomerPlus© Yoga and the Corporate Wellness Matters™ self-care resilience series are unique programs for medical and healthcare professionals, personnel of all sized corporations, and private individuals.

My associates and I conduct programs at major corporations and health care facilities, including: Memorial Sloan Kettering, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Mayo Clinic (AZ). Topics encompass breathing techniques, meditation, fitness, yoga, therapeutic exercises, and postural alignment among others.

What makes Corporate Wellness Matters™ different is that it includes one-on-one sessions in addition to the group sessions. In the “Individual Health Care Investment Program”, employers invest in the individual and target what motivates her/him to make healthy lifestyle choices. Following each personalized one-on-one session, a ‘wellness prescription’ is provided with follow-up summaries and recommendations. With our “Giving Back Program”,  when you employ our services, we will donate our time to a charitable organization of your choice.

How I can Help: I am an expert in helping you achieve postural alignment, stability, strength, and flexibility as well as diminish pain for many physical, emotional and mental issues. After you fill out an intake form, I ask you questions, observe and assess in order to give you the information, written exercises and data to support your wellness regimen.

Certification:  Yoga Alliance E-500
Areas of Expertise:
• Personal Training
• Stress and Pain Reduction
• Yoga
Other Areas of Expertise:  Postural Alignment, Strength, Ergonomics, Flexibility
Years of Experience:  30

For more information on BoomerPlus® or to schedule individual therapy and rehabilitation sessions, contact Amy at 406-546-6922 or visit her at