Mexico 2018

Amy, Ignacio, Lola and the crew were busy in sunny Tijuana, Mexico this  February and March  for two full weekends of BoomerPlus® teaching! 2016 was our second year doing this program in Mexico. It’s a wonderful way to learn and grow together. 2017 was no different. We’re going back for a 4th year in 2018. Details to be announced.

The BoomerPlus® 36 hour Training Program offered 36 Yoga Alliance CEUs and over 200 pages of materials. Participants gained a deeper understanding of how to apply biomechanical principles and their applications to educate and promote healthy aging. And we had a lot of fun in the process!

The teaching comprised these BoomerPlus® training components:
Observation and Assessment
Breathing techniques
Integration of body, mind and spirit
Biomechanical alignment
(physical, emotional, mental)
Poses and their applications + Chair yoga
Poses for specific health issues
Exercises and practices for daily living situations

We also provided the resources and tools to help our teachers in Mexico reach more people with the message of health and vitality regardless of age. 

The 36 hour training program is designed to be enjoyed by anyone. However, many of the training elements are geared to fitness/yoga professionals and other people who work with older adults—in the medical field, caregivers, body workers and seniors themselves, for example.


Mexico group, in a restaurant for lunch, March 2017

2017 Mexico class enjoying lunch break.

A message from Ignacio Garcia:
Virtuous Aging “Growing up then growing old is about so much more than just aging and shrinking. It’s about finding yourself, discovering who you are, losing yourself to the ‘busyness’ of life only to regain your sense of self in the later years. We fear getting old and for good reason. When we get old we start to lose our physical strength, our sight, our hearing, our self-confidence and many other abilities. We start to experience pain and discomfort like never before and there is no relief in sight. We start to feel unfit, unable and unworthy because we are so attached to what we know and what we are used to doing and it makes us feel that time is running out, that our life is over. It’s depressing to think of all the thing we have done and cannot do anymore, the things we could have done and didn’t etc… and on top of that we ache and hurt. This is the day to day reality for many seniors worldwide. Fortunately, this can be just a phase, a season that ends only to let a new, wonderful and completely fulfilling era begin, with new experiences, new challenges and new achievements that are much more satisfying, rewarding and important than anything else we have ever done. For young-minded seniors, it turns out that the experiences of our youth were really just us acquiring the tools we need to master this new stage of life and live it to the fullest. The aches and pains we feel are reminders that we know better, because we now have so much more experience and knowledge. “We’ve been there, done that!” We have everything we need. We can rise up to the challenges of aging and create our best years ever. We can help older adults and people in need of rehabilitation regain their well-being, confidence and energy to take charge of this wonderful stage of their lives. The unique methodology of BoomerPlus is one key to helping them overcome the challenges that would hold them back. Let´s help our loved ones, ourselves and the rest of the world to realize this. Come join us next spring and help us share the message of healthy, virtuous aging with the world. For them! For us! For the world, for the universe!” NAMASTE

Plan to join us next year! Get a break from winter, meet some fantastic teachers from south of the border and have a great time all while updating your skills. See you there!


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