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At BoomerPlus®, we believe education should be a lifelong process. And learning the BoomerPlus® way doesn’t stop when you leave class. Students often comment that no other program they’ve ever attended gives the in-depth teaching Amy provides. When you study in one of Amy’s workshops not only do you get advanced training in class, you get continued access to the actual workshop presentation material itself through the ACCESS page.  On top of that, there is the Boomer Grads Facebook community and we’ll soon have our “Find a Teacher” page up for our 36 Hour  and Chair Yoga grads up and running. We continually add new programs to help our teachers be better teachers themselves.

“Amy knows SO much and she is phenomenal at delivering technical information. The tone of the class is professional and structured. She gave a lot of Practical information, in an organized and timely fashion; Amy encouraged us to ask questions. We asked a LOT of questions and not once did she not have an answer. She has an extensive knowledge of the body and uses scientific terms in addition to more common terms to ensure your level of understanding. Her handouts were impressive; comprehensive and complimented with photos. Amy is very giving. She left us wanting MORE!” – Donna in Cave Creek, AZ  2016


Amy Kraft holds the Yoga Alliance’s highest level of teacher certification.