Corporate Wellness™

Employee Wellness = Corporate Profits

Our goals are to approach wellness with a holistic emphasis based on the needs of each employee with one to one mentoring and group activities, provide support throughout our sessions in order to promote sustainable self care, inspire and motivate employees to take an active role in their health/wellness…and more…

Research-Based Results

What if you could change Employees lives in your work place in 15 minutes? In one 15-minute session, Amy Kraft can determine ways in which bodies are out of alignment by observing how people sit, stand, walk and work. Their postural habits may be the root cause of chronic pain, stress, fatigue and injury. Simply, easily and effectively, Amy teaches them how a few simple adjustments, exercises, and techniques can re-align their patterns of alignment. If these are left misaligned, they can be initiating chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, joint injury, and even respiratory, heart, and digestive issues, costing businesses thousands of dollars in insurance costs, absenteeism, and lost revenue.

Who is Amy Kraft?

As a Senior Vice President on Wall Street, Amy experienced the physical and emotional impacts of stress and success. She immediately recognized the importance of a balanced physical and mental program as integral to the formula for her success. She worked diligently to create an accessible methodology to unlock and effectively treat chronic debilitating physical conditions in the work environment or injuries caused by the “weekend sports warrior”. Corporate Wellness Matters™ was developed directly from her experience during her career as a Wall Street executive. She aims to empower her clients with sustainable solutions that they can deploy quickly and effectively to unlock a more enjoyable level of health and wellness.

Amy, a therapeutic fitness and rehabilitation educator with years of management and fitness experience including 3000+ hours of anatomy and biomechanics training, is a pioneer in the field of integrative yoga, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance®, and a specialist in self care for your employees. Amy works with clients of all ages and fitness levels in highly stressful work environments such as Boston Children’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dover Air Force Base, the Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Gordon Brothers Group, W.L. Gore, and Washington D.C. and Boston law firms. She also works with individuals in physically demanding environments: Calvin Klein’s retail employees, Athletes Performance, and the professional staffs for major country clubs as well as charitable organizations such as Girls Inc. and NGOs at the United Nations.

Here is what Corporate Wellness Matters™ with its team of experts* can do for the members of your organization:

• Diminish—even eliminate—pain
• Relieve tension and anxiety or depression
• Improve sleep
• Enhance flexibility, balance, and agility—preventing injuries
• Add strength and endurance
• Expand mental focus
• Increase alertness, energy and confidence
The added PLUS: When you employ our services, we will donate our time to a charitable organization of your choice for up to 2 hours.

Our Team

Amy Kraft (406-546-6922)
Barbara Wolf: Filmmaker, architect and yoga educator
*Wellness Science™: a company dedicated to applying rigorous scientific and clinical methods to the mobile health & wellness industry.