Corporate Wellness Testimonials

Just a few minutes of individual consultation as part of an employer program, yielded these results:

Less Pain, Better Work
“My old back and shoulder injuries, coupled with inactivity, were taking a serious toll on my life. I could hardly get up the stairs; my shoulder was frozen and my back was stiff. Thanks to Amy, I get around normally, have full range of motion in my shoulder and am free from debilitating back pain. Plus I am team business leader. It’s been a couple of years now and I still do my therapy. Thanks, Amy!”  -Ty
Life Changing Experience
“I love working out yet I keep injuring myself or exacerbating old sports injuries. Amy revamped my work out routine—no more sports injuries. Truly a life changing experience for me!!”  -Donald
Scoliosis Defeated
“I have had scoliosis since a teenager. Amy does too and yet I would never have known it watching her exercise and her energy. She gave me a list of yoga therapies that I could do myself to help realign. I also hardly take meds for GERD– My neck pain is gone now too!”  -Len
Lifestyle Moves
“I wanted you to know that indeed I still use many of the postures and moves you taught me. I’ve incorporated them into my workouts–tightness in my back & knee pain gone…Climbing the top peaks too!”  -Skip
Proper Ergonomics
“Such intense sciatica pain in the office. With proper ergonomics & postural alignment, I am pain-free. Success+ sustains me in daily life too—Thank you!!!”  -Richard
Destress and Sleep
“Until I began working with Amy, my fibromyalgia kept me awake. I would be stressed at the firm and my family life suffered. Amy helped me ‘breathe’ & re-align—huge relief for my feet and lower back pain too. She re-vamped my personal workout as well. My skiing and tennis are 2 notches up!!”  -Debra
Running Again
“Until I met Amy, I was a broken record with “oh, my aching neck”…And in just one session with her postural alignment & ergonomics training in my office, I have not repeated that painful phrase in several years! Plus I look and truly feel an inch taller. I am even running again—without shin splints and blistered feet. Oh—I forgot—no more plantar fasciitis! I recommend Amy Kraft to all my corporate friends & associates.”  -Loren
No Wrist Pain and No Surgery
“Amy worked with me on my posture, especially my shoulder girdle and rib cage. She gave me simple exercises to do at my desk and now I no longer have wrist pain—2 weeks before my scheduled surgery! Arm wrestling again with my 2 teenagers!”  -Roger