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Bridge Pose/ Video Fourteen

Summer of Wellness, Video Fourteen Bridge Pose Audio: Can’t hear this audio? Download VLC Media Player here:  or use Quicktime: TEXT: Bridge pose with your feet on the wall is a fabulous exercise for the abs, glutes, your butt as well as the spine and opening up the upper body. Watch the video… Read More »

Stretch and Lengthen-Spider/ Video Six

Summer of Wellness, Video Six Stretch and Strengthen- Spider A healthy spine is essential for flexibility and living back pain pain free. Amy leads us on a really good stretch of the spine, arms and torso. Get the kinks out with this refreshing yoga-based exercise. Fun to do with the kids/grandkids! Amy’s Intro: Can’t hear… Read More »

Wall Pushups/ Video Four

Summer of Wellness, Video Four: Wall Pushups Wall pushups are a great way to stretch and strengthen the arms and upper body. You can do this exercise anywhere you have wall space- in airports, rest areas, hotels- anywhere! Great for overcoming travel fatigue. Give it a try- you’ll be glad you did! Amy’s Intro: Can’t… Read More »