Mt Sinai Breath/ Video Two

Summer of Wellness, Video Two:
Mt Sinai Breath

Belly fat an issue? Here’s Amy’s teaching of Mt Sinai Breath, a simple, easy and proven belly fat reduction technique that anyone can do. Get in shape for your best summer ever.  In just two weeks you’ll see a noticeable difference but you’ll feel it right away as you begin to tone and build your abdominal muscles.

Amy’s Intro:

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In this video I share with you a wonderful breathing technique that I learned at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City. It’s called the Mt Sinai Breath. It’s been used with many people, both men and women, losing inches of belly fat just with simple breathing. Inhaling, exhaling, keeping the belly engaged, except for the first inhalation. You do this breath for up to ten minutes, even fifteen minutes per day for three to six weeks and you will lose inches of belly fat. Try it with me. Enjoy!

The Video


Breathing for Energy and Relaxation/ Video One

Summer of Wellness, Video One
Breathing for Energy and Relaxation

Join Amy Kraft as she teaches breathing for energy and relaxation- how to quickly energize or relax your body using proven yoga-based techniques. These are simple exercises you can do anywhere, any time to quickly increase your energy levels when you need to, relax and destress when you need to. Just in time to incorporate into your summer wellness routine.

Amy’s Intro:

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TEXT: Here are two simple breathing techniques. The first, you take a longer inhalation for more passion, energy and vitality. The second breathing technique, you take a longer exhalation, breathing out, breathing ALL the air out, before you take your next inhalation and this will calm you and relax you. Inhale for eight counts and exhale for five. More vitality, energy, passion. Inhale for five, exhale for eight …calming, relaxing. Enjoy.

The Video


Exciting Announcements- Short Yoga Videos

Hi Everyone-

This is Amy Kraft, creator of BoomerPlus Yoga and Corporate Wellness Matters. I’ve got exciting announcements for you!

New Mantra Page

First, I just put the very mantra I use every day on site which you can listen to and use right here:

Short Yoga Video Series

The other this is, we wanted to put together something you can use to improve your quality of life each and every week this summer. So we’ve put together a 17 week program of short videos, about three minutes each, and we’ll release one each week with Yoga-based exercises you can put to use right away, all summer long and beyond. We’ll start with breathing exercises, then a great ab tightener and continue with everything you need to be strong, flexible and energetic all year long. So be sure and check for emails from us!

Mentorship Program

And along with this great resource, I’m announcing my new mentorship program. I’ve created this 8 hour, 1:1 mentorship program in response to the many requests I’ve gotten from students who want to work more in depth with me. You can find out more about this opportunity here:

Wellness Roundtable

I’m also now available for consultations on Wellness Roundtable(Click this link)

Let’s get ready for your best summer yet!

-Amy Kraft

Join Me and Patty Barrocas in Florida!

I have looked forward to teaching with Patty Barrocas for 5 years.  Finally our schedules have intertwined for us to facilitate a fabulous weekend together-February 24th and 25th in Miami Florida at the lovely Williams Island Spa.

The details are below.  Please join us for a fun and educational workshop!



                    Yoga Therapeutics:  Techniques for Health-Wellbeing/Injuries

1 hour Yoga Practice Each Session


Who Benefits; When and Times:

  • Members of Williams Island POA, Inc.: February 24, Saturday-1-4pm
  • Trainers, body workers, teachers:  February 25, Sunday-1-4pm


  • Spine
  • Auto-immune issues
  • Physical injuries and limitations: feet, knees, hips, hands, shoulders
  • Cancer restorative therapies
  • Healthy practice and techniques for 50+ adults
  • One hour general practice for all ages with our unique methodology for each session

Price and Length:

  • Trainers, body workers, teachers

3 hours—$50

  • Members


Location and Registration:

Williams Island POA, Inc.
5300 Island Blvd.
Aventura, FL  33160
Ph: 305-466-3578

If you’re looking for more comprehensive training, join us here in Scottsdale for “Chair Yoga for Seniors and the Health Challenged”, February 15-18, in Scottsdale, AZ.  35 Yoga Alliance CEUs for this intensive class that will prepare you to best serve your most challenging students. You can make a difference in their lives. Learn more at

Decompression Breathing with Lunge

July 2016

Summer is in full swing and we remind you this week of the importance of taking time out for self-care. Have you tried the Decompression Breathing yet? This week, Amy teaches us a variation she uses,  incorporating Lunges into her routine.  But first, a mention of the upcoming trainings we have available.

At BoomerPlus®, we believe education should be a lifelong process. And learning the BoomerPlus® way doesn’t stop when you leave class. Students often comment that no other program they’ve ever attended gives the in-depth teaching Amy provides. When you study in one of Amy’s workshops not only do you get advanced training in class, you get continued access to the actual workshop presentation material itself through the ACCESS page.  On top of that, there is the Boomer Grads Facebook community and we’ll soon have our “Find a Teacher” page up for our 36 Hour  and Chair Yoga grads up and running. We continually add new programs to help our teachers be better teachers themselves.

If you are thinking of upgrading your skills, we invite you to check out our next offerings below this blog or visit the web site at:

And now, on to Amy’s blog on Decompression Breathing with Lunge.

Decompression Breathing/Lunge
By Amy Kraft

As I wrote in my last blog, I have been ‘battling’ a health issue concerning my cervical spine.  After countless spinal MRIs to check and re-check, I have degeneration, bone spurs, and stenosis, which is a narrowing of the open spaces within my cervical spine.  I use the term ‘battling’ because I have been fighting this diagnosis with a vengeance.

In addition to using the breathing and foundation tools that I teach my clients, I have been sharing Dr. Eric Goodman’s Decompression Breathing technique, incorporating it with the lunge posture. In between the right and left sides, I always come back to center, to symmetry, which gives me balance and stability.  I do the lunges in the morning, after the breathing techniques and, if possible, late afternoon.

The Instructions

Here are the instructions.  (You can feel the strengthening in your hamstrings, gluteus muscles, and your abdominals.) I like to stand in front of a mirror so I can check my Power-Up™ postural alignment and stability of the posture.

Begin in mountain posture.  Check that your feet are parallel, hip width apart, and you are standing firmly on the 5 contact points on the soles of your feet—the mound of the big toe to the outer heel, the mound of the little toe to the inner heel, and the center of your heel. Take 5 deep breaths.

Bring your right leg forward.  Square your hips to the front.  Raise the heel of your back foot if possible.  Bend your front knee, aligning between the second and third toes.  Breathe.  Squeeze your feet toward each other.  Engage the adductor muscles of the inner thighs.  Bring your arms overhead with your fingertips together.  Breathe.  Now, bring your arms out to the side with thumbs up and rounded elbows.  Take your butt back so you feel the gluteus and hamstring muscles ‘fire’.  Breathe.  Do 3 sets of 5-10 breaths each.  Please come to mountain posture in between each side.

After a week, let me know how you are feeling doing these actions with the Decompression Breathing.

-Amy Kraft

Upcoming Trainings with Amy Kraft

*Last chance for 36 Hour Comprehensive Training-class starts this Friday. Have you fulfilled your Yoga Alliance CEU’s for the year yet? Grow your teaching skills exponentially while fulfilling your continuing ed requirements in just a couple of weekends this summer! Program starts Friday, July 29th. Register or learn more here:

Speaking of Chair Yoga Teacher Training, Amy and Janet Rae Humphrey are teaching again October 21-23, 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ. October is a great time to visit Arizona; upgrade your skills at the same time! Follow this link to learn more:

Aging with Vitality and Balance happens November 13th in Punta Gorda, Florida. In this workshop, Amy teaches integration of functional anatomy with yoga and therapeutic techniques. Find out more at :

You don’t have to live with pain or discomfort. Yoga-based Postural Alignment may help. Despite her busy schedule, Amy takes time to work with clients directly and via Skype.  Find out more here: or just pick up the phone and call Amy at 406-546-6922. Really, it’s that easy.

Have an awesome summer and we’ll see you next week with more teaching on the power of yoga for health and healing.


P.S. To request Amy cover a particular health topic on this blog, please email her at:



Decompression Breathing

In addition to using the breathing tools I teach my clients, I am using Dr. Eric Goodwin’s Supine Decompression Breathing technique. I’d like to share that with you; it’s another option you can use in recovering wellness. I do it as soon as I wake up (after peeing) and before checking my all-present cell phone!  I do this Decompression Breathing technique 5 times each morning.

A Method You Can Use for Pain Relief and Overall Wellness

In addition to using the breathing tools I teach my clients, I am using Dr. Eric Goodwin’s Supine Decompression Breathing technique. I’d like to share that with you; it’s another option you can use in recovering wellness. I do it as soon as I wake up (after peeing) and before checking my all-present cell phone!  I do this breathing technique 5 times each morning.

First, I do 2 repetitions lying in bed followed by a visualization.  With every exhalation, I bring light to the bone spurs in my cervical spine, so that they diminish and more space is created in my neck.  Then I lie on the floor, and squeeze a block in between my knees with my arms spread open wide on my fingertips.  The fourth time, I do the decompression breath with my arms wide, palms open.  The fifth time, I do the decompression breath with a smile on my face—to accentuate the well being tenet of a ‘positive outlook’ and ‘resilience’.

The Supine Decompression Breathing Technique

Here are the specific instructions for Supine Decompression Breathing.  Please email and let me know how this technique works for you at

[icon icon=”arrow-right”] Lie on your back with a block between your knees.  Flex your feet up towards your shins.  Squeeze the block.  Inhale—and expand your ribcage up and out to the sides of your chest.  Focus on keeping the rib cage expanded while you Exhale–using your stomach muscles to expel the air out of your lungs.

Summer is a time when Nature’s bounty gives us so many delicious, healthy options for garden-fresh nutrition. Combined with time for play and relaxation, summer is a time for renewal in its own right. Enjoy all you can and let’s get together for training later this month. -Amy Kraft



Five Tips for a Great Power Posture

No matter what your age, these tips can help you to feel more aligned and balanced. “Power” gives you more vitality and resilience. When you are physically aligned: standing, sitting, walking, working—even lying in bed—you feel more stable and stronger—more powerful, especially when you integrate your breathing techniques and meditation.

• Feet parallel and hip width apart with bottoms of your feet on the floor (or, if you are seated, use 2 books or blocks to ‘raise the floor’, as long as your knees are below your hips).

• Knees below your hips when seated with your feet parallel, hip width apart.

• Your belly lifted (torso lengthens), keeping your spine straight with its natural curves.

• Your shoulders back with your upper back broad.

• The crown of your head is over your pubis/right between your sitting bones (you know it is correct because you will salivate!)

Next 36 Hour BoomerPlus® training starts July 29th, 2016 in Scottsdale AZ. To register, go to: [button href=”” style=”emboss” size=”medium” color=”#4eaf52″ hovercolor=”#b0d695″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff”]36 Hour[/button]

Serve More, Give More, Be More in 2016

2015 is racing to its end. As you look back on your accomplishments for the year, there is a question to ask yourself: Did I serve others at the level I envisioned 12 months ago?

Making a resolution to do more for others is common; so why do so many of us fall short of our goals? In the Yoga community, perhaps the reason is because the skills we have are not right for the people we want to serve.

For instance, one of the fastest growing segments of Yoga students are the 50+ crowd. They’ve heard of the benefits of Yoga practice, and even if they are new to Yoga and a physical fitness routine, they come to class full of enthusiasm. And you, the serious Yoga teacher, want to deliver the best experience for them you can.

These older students have unique needs that may not be addressed by traditional Yoga training. They have illnesses and injuries not experienced by younger students. They have psycho-social needs; loneliness, loss and depression are common experiences. With lack of adequate social supports, some feel alienated from the rest of the community.

Yet there is good news for the serious Yoga teacher who wants to give back, especially to this exceptional population.

Amy Kraft of BoomerPlus® Yoga is on a mission to reach those whose heart’s desire is to help those who need support and assistance in keeping their later years active, productive, and healthy. Her full teacher education program equips even the most novice teacher to go out and make a difference in the lives of the Boomer Generation.

The BoomerPlus® full teacher education program is offered on a limited basis presently. February/March 2016 may be the only comprehensive training program offered all year. This one is a wonderful opportunity to be positioned to serve more, give more and help so much more than you did in 2015, by getting the right skills for the people who need your expertise.

The February/March 2016 program takes place over 2 long weekends and it’s being held in Tijuana, Mexico, very close to the San Diego border.

Amy taught her program for Ignacio, Lola and the staff at My Yoga Kids in 2015 and it was a huge success. They had decided to serve more people by expanding their offerings and BoomerPlus® was a good fit, allowing them to deliver health and wellness programs for older adults in Mexico. This year, they are again hosting BoomerPlus® to share what they’ve learned with even more Yoga teachers.

What a wonderful gift this would make: give yourself the gift of serving more, giving more and being more in 2016 and beyond, by attending this life changing training. To find out more about the program, go to: then do whatever it takes to gift yourself to this training in February/March. Somewhere, right now, there’s a senior waiting for your help. Be qualified to be that person and change lives every day. Come join us. Be a Boomer!

Can’t make the Mexico training? Attend our Age to Wellness Chair Yoga Training for teachers with Janet Rae Humphrey. We’re already looking forward to the next Chair Yoga event! It happens March 18-20, 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ. Spring is a great time to visit southern Arizona. Get registered now- the class is filling up fast.  More info here

Teaching in Mexico

I adore teaching in Mexico. Why? The people are so loving and receptive. They are family-oriented-even their names carry both family names (father and mother) from birth throughout life, even after marriage …They smile and cry and when we meet ‘heart to heart’, they open up to reveal their deepest joys, delights and traumas and fears…They laugh with gusto and their eyes are wide with wisdom of life’s experiences. They care and will fight for their beliefs and teachings—yet will listen to another point of view with wonder and responsiveness. I love their passion, which fuels my passion. We become a Whole, with a myriad different parts—shining and glowing—reaching for more knowledge to serve and love.

Ignacio Garcia, one of our gracious hosts at My Yoga Kids in Mexico, reflects that enthusiasm with this message about what he calls, “Virtuous Aging”:

“Growing up, then growing old, is much more than just aging and shrinking. It’s about finding yourself, discovering whom you are, losing yourself to the ‘busyness’ of life only to regain your sense of self in the later years.

Amy and Ignacio teach in Mexico, 2015.

Amy and Ignacio teach in Mexico, 2015.

We fear getting old and for good reason. When we get old, we start to lose our physical strength, our sight, our hearing, our self-confidence and many other abilities. We start to experience pain and discomfort like never before and there is no relief in sight. We start to feel unfit, unable and unworthy because we are so attached to what we know and what we are used to doing and it makes us feel that time is running out; that our life is over.

It’s depressing to think of all the thing we have done and cannot do anymore, the things we could have done and did not. On top of that, we ache and hurt.

This is the day-to-day reality for many older adults.

Fortunately, this can be just a phase, a season that ends only to let a new, wonderful and completely fulfilling era begin, with new experiences, new challenges and new achievements that are much more satisfying, rewarding and

Amy with My Yoga Kids hosts

Amy with My Yoga Kids hosts in Mexico, 2015.

important than anything else we have ever done. For young-minded seniors, it turns out that the experiences of our youth were really just for us to acquire the tools we need to master this new stage of life and live it to the fullest.

The aches and pains we feel are reminders that we know better, because we now have so much more experience and knowledge. “We’ve been there, done that!” We have everything we need. We can rise up to the challenges of aging and create our best years ever.

We can help older adults and people in need of rehabilitation regain their well-being, confidence and energy to take charge of this wonderful stage of their lives. The unique methodology of BoomerPlus® is one key to helping them overcome the challenges that would hold them back.

Let´s help our loved ones, ourselves, and the rest of the world to realize this. For them! For us! For the world, for the universe!”

What beautiful thinking on the aging process.

Come join me, Ignacio, Lola and the rest of the group in Tijuana, Mexico, February 6 & 7 and March 12 and 13 for a unique BoomerPlus Yoga training. 36 YA CEU’s. Learn more and register today at

BoomerPlus class in Mexico , Spring 2015.

BoomerPlus class in Mexico , Spring 2015.

Our Team

Our Team

Our team of  specialists teach fitness, therapeutic yoga & rehab, alignment through music, senior yoga, employee wellness and more. In addition to Amy Kraft, the team includes:

Special Guests

Amy partners with special guests for many of our presentations, such as  Liz Owen (Yoga for a Healthy Back),  Barbara Wolf (Corporate Wellness Matters™) and Janet Rae Humphrey (Age to Wellness). See the event listings for details.

The BoomerPlus® Grads

BoomerPlus® is building a team of qualified therapists trained in our unique system across the U.S.

Our Grads are experienced, compassionate & passionate—skilled in many areas of therapeutics & yoga rehabilitation as well as wellness issues of the BoomerPlus® generations.  They are located in many areas of the country.  Contact us  for  one near you!

Karen McCormick

Karen has 20 plus years working in healthcare and is highly knowledgeable in the fields of nutrition and senior health. She also serves as an advisor for BoomerPlus® Yoga.