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Have you participated in a teacher training, workshop, or other BoomerPlus® related programs and need access to course materials?  Simply scroll down the page to locate the course, use the password you received at the program and get Instant Access.

Note: You may save these documents in their original form. You may not alter the documents in any way. These documents are intended for those taking the BoomerPlus Yoga Trainings  only, not to be shared without written permission. Unauthorized distribution of this file may result in loss of access to this site and to BoomerPlus® programs. Please respect the thousands of hours of work that went into research and development of this program by not sharing. Thank you.

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 Teacher/Provider Training

 3 Module/36 Hour Comprehensive Training:

Module One:

Module One

Module Two:

Module Two

Module Three:

Module Three


Senior Yoga Pros (Formerly Age to Wellness)

Senior Yoga Pros


Yoga Alliance Webinar

Available after the webinar on March 23, 2017
YA Webinar


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