36 Hour Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training

Next class: Mexico, spring 2018

This is the flagship program of the BoomerPlus offerings. Three intense weekends of learning directly with Amy Kraft. Discover how to help your students best by tailoring your teaching to fit each person’s unique needs. Gain assessment skills, incorporate the principles of alignment for healing into your programs. Program teaching applies to all age groups, with additional emphasis on appropriately teaching the growing population of older adult yoga students by understanding their special challenges.

The BoomerPlus® Therapy and Yoga Rehabilitation 36 hour Training Program offers 36 Yoga Alliance CEUs and over 200 pages of materials. Gain a deeper understanding of how to apply biomechanical principles and therapeutic applications to educate and promote healthy aging. This is our most in depth program.

BoomerPlus® Program Components:
Observation and Assessment
Breathing techniques
Integration of body, mind and spirit
Optimal alignment
(physical, emotional, mental)
Therapeutics and their applications + Chair yoga
Therapeutics for specific health issues
Exercises and practices for daily living situations

We also give you the resources and tools to support and market yourself so you can reach more people with our message of health and vitality regardless of age.

BoomerPlus® trainings helps you support your clients and patients by helping them achieve:
Enhanced flexibility, range of motion, and agility
Increased strength and balance,
Diminished pain,
Better sleep and breathing techniques,
Increased alertness, focus and energy,
Relief from anxiety, fear, stress and depression.


The 36 hour training program may be enjoyed by anyone. However, many of the training elements are geared to the professional and people who work with older adults—in the medical field, yoga and fitness instructors, caregivers, body workers and seniors themselves. If in doubt, just ask!

Call Amy Kraft for questions or to schedule training in your area at 406-546-6922.
Email Amy: amy@boomerplusyoga.com