Warrior One/ Video Eight

By | July 18, 2018

Amy, two dogs in parking lot

Summer of Wellness, Video Eight
Warrior One

Join Amy Kraft as she teaches three poses for range of motion, flexibility and strength. All three use the wall for additional support.

Amy’s Intro:

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In this video, we’re going to do three wonderful poses. They are excellent for almost the whole entire body. The first is Warrior One on the wall and I like to use my fingertips on the wall. I feel much more muscular and can get a greater range of motion. The second is a Lunge at the wall, so it’s very much like Warrior One at the wall except I’m lifting the back heel. And the third is I’m going to be with my side to the wall and either be in Warrior One or a Lunge Pose and this is for the range of motion of the arm which traces completely along the wall
as much as you can do. So you’ll have wonderful range of motion, flexibility and muscular strength in these three poses. Enjoy!

The Video: