Two Chair Poses/ Video Seven

By | July 11, 2018

Amy rides paddleboard

Summer of Wellness, Video Seven
Two Chair Poses

This week Amy leads us through two chair poses- first,  to tone and strengthen our quadriceps and abs and then a second version to release tension and/or spasms in the lumbar(lower) spine. Having a strong core is essential to stability but back pain isn’t fun at all and Amy addresses both in this short video.

Amy’s Intro to these Two Chair Poses:

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Hi- In this video we’re going to do two versions of chair pose. In the first chair pose where our spine is against the wall with a nice curve in the lower spine, the lumbar spine and we’ll really work on the quads. This is mainly strengthening the quads, engaging the belly, lengthening the torso, making sure our feet are parallel, hip distance apart, of course. And then in the second chair pose, we’re really concentrating on releasing the lower back, releasing any discomfort or spasm in the lumbar. And in this pose we’re pushing or placing our lumbar right against the wall and breathing very, very strongly in and out, using the engagement, the contraction in the lower belly. Enjoy!

The Video