Wall Pushups/ Video Four

By | June 20, 2018

Summer of Wellness, Video Four:
Wall Pushups

Wall pushups are a great way to stretch and strengthen the arms and upper body. You can do this exercise anywhere you have wall space- in airports, rest areas, hotels- anywhere! Great for overcoming travel fatigue. Give it a try- you’ll be glad you did!

Amy’s Intro:

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Hi! In this video we’re going to do pushups on the wall. This exercise is great for the upper body, the upper back and your arms, hands and wrists and I use the fingertips on the wall to strengthen the fingers as well. So stand nice and tall, feet parallel and feet hip distance apart, facing the wall. Inhale…torso nice and long and exhale, bend your elbows towards the wall. Inhale back to neutral and exhale. Enjoy!

The Video