Mt Sinai Breath/ Video Two

By | June 6, 2018

Summer of Wellness, Video Two:
Mt Sinai Breath

Belly fat an issue? Here’s Amy’s teaching of Mt Sinai Breath, a simple, easy and proven belly fat reduction technique that anyone can do. Get in shape for your best summer ever.  In just two weeks you’ll see a noticeable difference but you’ll feel it right away as you begin to tone and build your abdominal muscles.

Amy’s Intro:

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In this video I share with you a wonderful breathing technique that I learned at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York City. It’s called the Mt Sinai Breath. It’s been used with many people, both men and women, losing inches of belly fat just with simple breathing. Inhaling, exhaling, keeping the belly engaged, except for the first inhalation. You do this breath for up to ten minutes, even fifteen minutes per day for three to six weeks and you will lose inches of belly fat. Try it with me. Enjoy!

The Video