Breathing for Energy and Relaxation/ Video One

By | May 30, 2018

Summer of Wellness, Video One
Breathing for Energy and Relaxation

Join Amy Kraft as she teaches breathing for energy and relaxation- how to quickly energize or relax your body using proven yoga-based techniques. These are simple exercises you can do anywhere, any time to quickly increase your energy levels when you need to, relax and destress when you need to. Just in time to incorporate into your summer wellness routine.

Amy’s Intro:

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TEXT: Here are two simple breathing techniques. The first, you take a longer inhalation for more passion, energy and vitality. The second breathing technique, you take a longer exhalation, breathing out, breathing ALL the air out, before you take your next inhalation and this will calm you and relax you. Inhale for eight counts and exhale for five. More vitality, energy, passion. Inhale for five, exhale for eight …calming, relaxing. Enjoy.

The Video