Five Tips for a Great Power Posture

By | June 22, 2016

No matter what your age, these tips can help you to feel more aligned and balanced. “Power” gives you more vitality and resilience. When you are physically aligned: standing, sitting, walking, working—even lying in bed—you feel more stable and stronger—more powerful, especially when you integrate your breathing techniques and meditation.

• Feet parallel and hip width apart with bottoms of your feet on the floor (or, if you are seated, use 2 books or blocks to ‘raise the floor’, as long as your knees are below your hips).

• Knees below your hips when seated with your feet parallel, hip width apart.

• Your belly lifted (torso lengthens), keeping your spine straight with its natural curves.

• Your shoulders back with your upper back broad.

• The crown of your head is over your pubis/right between your sitting bones (you know it is correct because you will salivate!)

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