Our Team

By | November 5, 2015

Our Team

Our team of  specialists teach fitness, therapeutic yoga & rehab, alignment through music, senior yoga, employee wellness and more. In addition to Amy Kraft, the team includes:

Special Guests

Amy partners with special guests for many of our presentations, such as  Liz Owen (Yoga for a Healthy Back),  Barbara Wolf (Corporate Wellness Matters™) and Janet Rae Humphrey (Age to Wellness). See the event listings for details.

The BoomerPlus® Grads

BoomerPlus® is building a team of qualified therapists trained in our unique system across the U.S.

Our Grads are experienced, compassionate & passionate—skilled in many areas of therapeutics & yoga rehabilitation as well as wellness issues of the BoomerPlus® generations.  They are located in many areas of the country.  Contact us  for  one near you!

Karen McCormick

Karen has 20 plus years working in healthcare and is highly knowledgeable in the fields of nutrition and senior health. She also serves as an advisor for BoomerPlus® Yoga.

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