Her Simple but Powerful Request

By | September 13, 2015

Her simple but powerful request- was borne of great pain. She felt vulnerable, unprotected.

She asked me to “help create a safe, warm love place within and around her heart”– And we did!

She had been through several emotional separations. Her caregiver could not be away from her teenage children for months at a time, so my client was alone  between their travels together. Her husband worked across the ocean.
She was between medical doctors with disparate opinions.

We sat for a few minutes and talked softly.
She inhaled deeply from her lower belly and exhaled out the back of her heart.
She listened to her heartbeat.
She visualized her heart expanding and sending out golden spirals of light.
She smiled.

She held onto the railing at the foot of her bed and stretched her spine with bent knees, feet parallel on 5 corners (the mound of the big toe to the outer heel, the mound of the little toe to the inner heel and the center of the heel). She breathed.

Kneeling, still holding the railing at the foot of her bed, she inhaled and rounded her back, relaxing her neck, assuming a cat posture and then exhaled and gently sat up tall– like a queen. She breathed. She smiled.

We sat back to back, on soft blankets, breathing the sound of “yam”.

She lay on her back for a few minutes with the soles of her feet together, squishy balls underneath her thighs for support, and a pillow across her groin while I covered her feet and torso with silk shawls.
She breathed the sound of “yam sa”.

She extended her legs. She breathed.

She sat up and smiled, drank some water, and we hugged.

Help your clients. Touch hearts. Change lives.

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