A Skillful Therapist and her Client: Part 2

By | August 23, 2015

We continue our series on incorporating relationship, science  and BoomerPlus® “Wellness by Design” into therapy and fitness for lasting results.

Background fromA Skillful Therapist and her Client, Part 1“: My client, a talented filmmaker, had been to many top medical facilities in the United States and Western Europe. She had been diagnosed with several major issues. Up until I met her 2 1/2 months ago, for almost 2 years, she traveled around her home in a scooter, usually in chronic pain and miserable.

It is surely the breath, visualization, meditation, and the fundamentals of postural alignment/the biomechanics that have been the primary elements for my client’s successful present therapy and rehabilitation. Yet, we have also addressed her emotional and mental issues in order to integrate harmony of the whole person.

For example, she has imagined her heart expanding in rays of golden light, as she sits in stillness, concentrating on a longer exhalation, listening to the rhythm of the heartbeat. This visualization brings a smile to her face and aligns her physical, emotional and mental bodies, especially in uncomfortable situations (doctor’s offices, airports, for instance).

Using her love of skiing, she is mastering chair posture and its many variations. Her entire body, particularly her feet, calves, thighs and spine have strengthened.

She first practiced Goddess posture sitting on a big ball. She now does Goddess lightly against the wall, toning her inner thighs, closing her eyes, in tranquility.

We have begun Warrior One at the wall, alternating with the ‘sink’ postures, for symmetry and flexibility. Her balance is improving as her body tones and is more agile. Her confidence has improved, and she is writing everyday again.

BoomerPlus® integrates the science of neuroplasticity into our programs, helping clients, such as this one, plan and carry out “Wellness by Design” in ways that get long term results. My client continues to use meditation, therapeutic yoga, repetition and science to help her regain her physical and emotional wellness. How can our program work for you?

Know This: Repetition and Attention transform habitual patterns and create new neural pathways, as verified by the science of neuroplasticity. You can use this knowledge to make beneficial changes ‘stick’ in your own life. Decide what you wish to change. Design a plan to achieve the desired results. Focus your attention on the outcome you desire, tying the strong emotion of succeeding to your repetitions. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It takes at least two weeks to get comfortable with new habits. Recent research shows us that it takes a couple months for these actions to be ingrained. Two months may seem like a long time in our ‘get it now’ society, but in your overall life, two weeks is nothing, and you were planning to be around anyway, right? If you find you need some help along the way, contact me.

More to come in later …

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