Sustaining Your Passion for Teaching

By | April 22, 2015

By Amy Kraft

Recently, I received several emails from students asking me how I am able to sustain my passion and energetic enthusiasm for teaching therapeutic yoga.

My response is “I absolutely love to see my clients’ brighter faces, and stronger breath—in other words, there is a sustained vitality within that is manifest by their glowing faces and more aligned postures—especially in daily life.

I truly see it in their eyes and grateful smiles!

Here is an example:
Personally, there are times that I feel depressed or sad. Yet, when I arrive at my client’s home, a studio class or workshop, or corporate workplace, I remember to pause, be still (even if I am standing on a busy sidewalk), and take 5 breaths. These 5 breaths establish the connection for the therapeutic session, workshop, or class that I will momentarily teach to my clients and students. If possible, I vision my clients’ and students’ earnest faces as well. I also look at how my feet are planted on the ground.

Simply stated, pausing to breathe gives me the vitality to physically align my center of gravity (for my own postural alignment), calm or energize my emotions, and mentally clarify what, why, and how I proceed. I check that my feet are parallel and hip width apart, 5 corners on the sole of each foot firmly on the ground (the mound of the big toe to the outer heel, the mound of the little toe to the inner heel and the middle of the heel). Then, standing tall, I isometrically try to separate my feet which ignites my lower body extremities, and gives me a burst of energy physically, emotionally and mentally!. I feel stable and grounded. Now, I can move and integrate the actions that I just did myself with my clients or students. It is contagious—in a very good way!!

Therefore, I easily walk into each situation with a smile, eager to listen, and open to a myriad of possibilities for our workshops, classes or therapeutic sessions. Best of all, I sustain this passion for teaching!

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