My Mother's Yoga Routine at Age 92

By | March 11, 2015

By Amy Kraft

Seven years ago my Mom, at 85 ½ years young, asked me to teach her several yoga postures to diminish the pain in her lower back.
I was quite surprised since I had been urging—no, pushing her—to try these fitness therapies that had transformed my quality of life as well as my clients and students.

My mom rode horses, sailed, skied, and played golf. At 42yrs old, she had back surgery. Her back and neck pain gradually increased. I remember her telling me, when she was in her late 70s, that several doctors told her that she would be in a wheelchair in a very short time!

She refused to be impeded by these diagnoses. In pain, she moved forward and then several steps backward—yet, always onward! She truly believes in herself and the power that she has within herself to succeed and sustain this success.

When we first began working together, we would squabble over my complicated vocabulary. In retrospect–what a fabulous learning experience for me. I needed to articulate and rephrase each gesture so that she understood how to re-train her misalignments and habitual patterns that had given her such discomfort over the years. For each movement, I discovered a myriad of ways to express the action. Together, we learned from each other!

In the midst of helping my Mom, I co-founded BoomerPlus®, a therapy and yoga rehabilitation training for older adults. I have traveled teaching these programs to healthcare providers, educators, caregivers, body workers, family members, seniors themselves. Everyone loves the dynamics, fun and pedagogy when they participate in these trainings.

The video you will watch is a sequence that my Mom has worked on for the past several years. When she feels strong or she has an issue that needs attention, we add an action for balance, strength, agility and range of motion.

Enjoy this short video and please pass it on to your family and friends!

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