Sitting May be Hazardous to Your Health

By | March 9, 2014

9 March 2014  By Amy Kraft

The more you sit and the less physically active you are the more predisposed you are to certain health issues.

People who spend more time sitting are more likely to become disabled when compared with people with similar health and exercise habits who sat less, says the Journal of Physical Activity and Health.  In fact, some experts are calling prolonged sitting “the new smoking” in terms of damage to the cardiovascular system.

Each hour spent sitting increases the odds of problems with activities of daily living.  So, if sitting for 12 hours per day gives you a 6% risk of having a disability, an extra hour each day may up your likelihood by 3%, says Dorothy Dunlop, a public health and medicine researcher.  Every $1 to $4 spent on medical care is related to disability problems, she says.

Personally, I have to be quite conscious during my airline travels to practice my chair yoga as well as pay attention to how I sit with respect to my postural alignment.  As I become busier, in between teaching workshops and privates, I may be at my desk longer than usual–so desk yoga has become a necessity!  I am becoming quite creative in involving my entire body in different exercise sequences for strengthening, flexibility, agility and even balance for 3- 5 minute sessions.

Another way to counteract the harmful effects of sitting at your desk all day may be to get up and take a short walk every 40 minutes. Even just standing at your desk while making a phone call will give your body the break it needs. And with spring (finally!) arriving around the country, get away from your desk and take a stroll during your lunch break. Fresh air and  sunshine are both beneficial to the body. It only takes 20 minutes of sunshine to boost Vitamin D levels.

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