Yoga and the Busy Executive

By | October 23, 2013

By Karen McCormick

How is your “jet setting” lifestyle these days? Are you still in your best game or are you starting to lag behind? Are you still the leader of the pack, even with your ever growing  list of worrisome health issues such as indigestion, insomnia, anxiety…all these little things adding up to affect your performance in a big way….

The constant demands on the lives of busy executives add up to a lot of stress. Yet it can  be difficult to find a therapeutic and yoga rehab specialist who truly understands the  unique needs of the executive class. Thankfully, Amy Kraft does. Amy knows because she lived it, retiring from her career on Wall Street as an executive vice president for one of the  country’s top firms. Her unique insight into what you face every day can make a big  difference in your life.

It’s more than just having a therapeutic and yoga rehab specialist who understands your  needs though. Here at BoomerPlus®, we call it “Healthy Living by Design”. We help you design a healthy, life saving lifestyle around your needs and existing way of life. Not everyone wants to suddenly start living off salad and spend three hours a day sweating to ‘hot’ yoga.

Honestly, those sudden, extreme changes often don’t last. Instead of giving up what you love, we show you how to work within your needs for better health without feeling deprived.

Everyone knows stress and inactivity are killers. In fact, new research shows that 3-4 hours  sitting has the same effect on the cardiovascular system as smoking a half pack of  cigarettes! Combine that with the damaging effects of chronic stress, and you could be  headed for some serious trouble. (For more information on the effects of stress on lifestyle, go to:

But how do you fit exercise and relaxation therapy into your busy routine? This is where Amy Kraft comes into the picture. Amy has structured her program for busy executives and is available anywhere in the world you have internet access. In Hong Kong next week? No  problem! Pre-arrange your session with Amy, get to your hotel, set up your laptop at the  agreed upon time and here you go!

How about a session that relaxes and guarantees that even the most jet lagged executive gets a good night’s sleep? Yes! Or do you need a vigorous wake up session? She can do that too.  Just need to work out the kinks? That’s her specialty.

Amy is a highly accomplished therapist, who works with physicians and other health care providers to tailor programs around patient needs.  From gentle stretches for improved flexibility to a non-stress workout even the toughest  jock will find challenging, we will design a program you can live with and use as a starting  point to infuse your life with healthier habits.

Where could sessions with Amy Kraft take you? Give her a call today at 406.546.6922 or email  her at: You’ll be glad you did.

[author]  [author_info]Karen McCormick is a frequent contributor to this website, member of the BoomerPlus® community and co-owner of Glacier Web Services for nine years.
“The assistance we’ve gotten from Amy over the years has proved invaluable for helping us maintain our health despite our sometimes hectic schedules. Thank you, Amy!” -Karen McCormick[/author_info] [/author]




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