A Confession

By | August 29, 2013

I have been in pain and discomfort for about 5 weeks.  Many of you noticed the lack of blog posts from BoomerPlus®.  Here’s the truth: I just did not feel good!    And this is the confession:  I did not want anyone to know that their teacher was in pain….Oh hubris, you have appeared in living color!

I recently traveled from Scottsdale, AZ, to teach workshops in Montana & Utah.   At first, I felt a twinge in my lower back which can be ‘normal’ for me when I drive for 22 hours.  Yet I know how to release these ‘tweaks’ by breathing and postural re-alignment.  However, the tweak began to travel up into my thoracic spine and ‘hung out’ in my ribcage.  I couldn’t get relief nor release the pain from my body.

I remembered one of my BoomerPlus® grads giving me a massage before I left for my teachings observing that my spine was straight as she ran her finger down my lamina groove.  Did I really have scoliosis?

There was a big knot of muscle mass on the lower left lumbar and the insertion point of my quadratus lumborum was terribly tender.  Hmmmm…

When I reached Park City, stopping for a wedding, before returning to Scottsdale, I attended yoga classes with two favorite teachers at The Shop—David and Edie.  Finally, some relief and release from the constant pain. But then I had to drive again, and slowly the ache was back.

To make an uncomfortably long story, short:  Attending a Biomechanical Restructuring workshop last weekend taught by Valerie Revering and assisted by Laura and Mel, we discovered that my 8th rib had crossed over my 9th rib and the 10th rib had slid under the 9th rib.  The muscles were gripping for my ‘dear life’ massing to a point where there was no space left.  Deep inhales were difficult.  My left pelvis was torqued; the left side of my clavicle was tipped; my head tilted to the right.  My brain was constantly trying to find a center of gravity.

Quite a journey I have been on!  Even seasoned therapeutic & yoga rehab specialists are not immune to the aches and pains of life!  More to come–some wonderful therapies that have helped this pain.

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