The Big 'E': Emotions

By | July 7, 2013

Amy in pinkWhen I am writing and teaching my program, BoomerPlus® Therapy & Yoga Rehab, to educators, health care professionals, body workers and fitness experts, I always emphasize the importance of  looking at the emotional aspects of the physical issue (the Big ‘E’) that is causing discomfort and pain.

Do you know there is a strong connection between physical pain and mental pain?

Sometimes these emotions are unconscious and you do not realize you are sad or disappointed or stressed or fearful, etc. until someone you trust and feel rapport brings these sentiments to your attention.  This is why the first component of therapeutics is ‘sensitivity’.

Sensitivity is the capability and compassion to align with your client or patient heart to heart, supporting him to venture deep inside to discover hidden truths.

I had this experience years ago when a terribly painful sciatica almost ‘crippled’ me while I was working on Wall St.

I was successful and financially secure, and yet the stress and expectation that I daily hurled upon myself took its toll so that one day, after a wonderful day of skiing, I was helpless and hurting. I was convinced that my situation was entirely physical.  Fortunately, I met 2 amazing men:  Dr Frank Lipman and Lindsay Clennell.

They gently and diligently helped me to be conscious of the emotional and mental pain I was feeling which, in turn, was exacerbating the physical issue of sciatica.

Thanks to them, I was able to heal. I am truly grateful for their support and expertise. Who knows the direction my life might have taken had they not been there to guide me and open my eyes to this crucial mind-body connection.

Are there places in your life where your mind and body connection is causing you more pain than you need to suffer?

More about the Big ‘E’ in later blogs! 

Please share with me some of your experiences.

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