LAUGH & RELAX: Enjoy Extended Puppy pose

By | June 4, 2013

How about a relaxing, stress-relieving pose that also lengthens the spine, opens the shoulders & calms the mind?  Extended Puppy Pose: Now, who would not want to try this posture?  Cooling for the hot summer months as well!

You may want to prepare for Extended Puppy pose by doing Cow & Cat.  Sounds like I am bringing in a barn yard full of playful animals.  Well, how about doing this pose like a joyful child?  Make it fun & frolicsome!

Come onto your knees & place your hands on the floor, shoulders above wrists & your hips above your knees.  If your knees are tender, place a blanket under them.  Walk your hands forward & stretch your arms with your fingertips on the floor. Push the floor away from you and feel the delicious extension in your spine.  Bring your arm bones back so your upper back is soft, and your heart is moving towards the floor.  Keeping a slight curve in your lumbar spine, rest your forehead gently on the floor.  If this feels uncomfortable,  you can place a blanket or a block underneath your forehead.

Now, again, elongate your spine, keep the curve in your lower back and lift your belly for support, while you pull your hips toward your heels, the top of your feet flat on the floor.  BREATHE into your sacrum and the back of your heart as you lengthen your spine in both directions– from the top of your hips to the crown of your head & from the top of your hips to the tips of your toes. Feel the expansion of your kidneys and broaden your back body as you use a longer exhalation to calm & soothe your inner body.  Soften your eyes.

Alright–Now  SMILE, LAUGH!  You can even bark!!!

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