BOOMERPLUS®Fitness Formula: 7 minutes or less**

By | May 20, 2013

Last week I wrote a therapeutic group of postures for you to do upon awakening.

This week I humbly give you a short sequence to calm your parasympathetic nervous system so you fall into a restful sleep.

Before Sleep: Alignment and Therapy

  • Mt pose and do all * poses
  • Hands & knees in tabletop—Align spine/torso/hands and feet
  • Cow and Cat
  • Push up to downward dog (or use wall)
  • Raise one leg and then the other
  • Rest in child’s pose
  • Legs up the wall:  Choose breathing technique to do in which the exhalation is longer than the inhalation
  • Roll over on your right side to come up to standing—Stretch arms overhead one more time—Check Alignment– and get into bed.
  • *Conscious Breathing technique for at least one minute
  • *Inhale and stand in Mt pose—palms facing out:  4 corners of feet, parallel from the middle of your ankle thru your second toe, feet: inner hip width or hip width apart (pinky in line with outer hip); Curve in your lower back—Keeping that curve, lift your belly and bring your arm bones back; top of your brain in line with pelvic floor
  • *Inhale thru your belly and exhale out the back of your heart/bottom of your lungs
  • *Hands on the top of your hips—Check that your feet are aligned and press so that you can feel the 5 corners of your feet on the floor—Keep that– and push on the big toe mound and outer heel.  Lift your belly expanding thru your ribcage but bring the sides of your waist back; top of your brain in line with pelvic floor
  • *Clasp your hands behind your back and with slight bend in your elbows, bring the bottom tips of your shoulder blades together.

 **You can extend these mini workouts with the breathing techniques and repetitions.

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