BOOMERPLUS®Fitness Formula: 7 minutes or less*

By | May 15, 2013

Here is a refreshing way to wake up. Next week, I will write a calm relaxing way to prepare for sleep.

  • Carefully roll over on your side.  Sit on the side of your bed—butt back, thighs back, head of your arm bones back– top of your brain in line with your pelvic floor.
  • Conscious Breathing technique for at least one minute
  • Inhale and stand in mountain pose—palms facing out:  5 corners of feet, parallel from the middle of your ankle thru your second toe, feet: inner hip width or hip width apart (pinky in line with outer hip); Curve in your lower back—Keeping that curve, lift your belly and bring your shoulder blades together, flat on your back, without jutting your front ribs out. The  top of your brain is in line with your pelvic floor. (You will salivate when your postural alignment is correct!)
  • Inhale thru your sacrum and exhale out the back of your heart/bottom of your lungs
  • Hands on the top of your hips—Check that your feet are aligned and press so that you can feel the 5 corners of your feet on the floor—Keep that– and push on the big toe mound and outer heel.  Lift your belly expanding thru your ribcage but bring the sides of your waist back; top of your brain in line with pelvic floor–And stand up!
  • Clasp your hands behind your back and with slight bend in your elbows, bring the bottom tips of your shoulder blades together.
  • Keep this ‘bind’ and extend your spine into a standing forward bend. Pull your shoulders away from your ears and relax your arms. (you can use wall for ½ bend or chair)
  • Exhale: relax your head towards the floor and bend your elbows out to the side (do not hyperextend your knees–use 2 blocks or books if your fingertips do not reach the floor)
  • Come to ‘tabletop’—hands and knees—for cat and cow: Inhale for cow to gently curve your lumbar/lower back and Exhale for cat—rounding your back and looking at your navel as you squeeze it towards the back of your spine—Use foundation: hands and feet
  • Push back to Downward dog   (or use wall or chair for dog)
  • Walk forward to standing forward bend
  • Hands on hips—Shoulder blades on your back—Inhale and stand up for Mt Pose. Touch the sky and Smile!
  • Close your eyes and consciously breathe 5x

*You can extend or shorten this sequence with repetitions and other breathing techniques.  Please write me for more ideas!

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