Preparation for Hip Surgery:Part 3

By | April 7, 2013

Preparation for hip surgery, Part 3– breathing and visualizations for comfort and relaxation pre-op.  Descriptions for reducing pain and maintaining flexibility with renewed energy post-op.

Today’s post is the final in our series on preparation for hip surgery.  We discuss both pre-op relaxation and  therapeutic yoga techniques for post-op recovery.

Overview of Series on Preparation for Hip Surgery

In Part 1, we concentrated on the importance of following  physician’s medical instructions, breathing; how to sit, walk & stand as well as postural alignment exercises for the lower extremities–especially the feet.  In Part 2, we included additional exercises for postural alignment, strength & flexibility ‘pre-op’. Preparation for hip surgery, Part 3– describes breathing and visualizations for comfort and relaxation pre-op.  Use of visualization for reducing pain and postures for maintaining flexibility with renewed energy post-op.

Again, any exercise must have the full consent of the patient’s medical professionals.

The Process Itself

A few hours after surgery, my client left  a message saying that her breathing techniques and visualizations  gave her comfort and renewed energy.  First, she relaxed her entire body by concentrating on her natural breath visualizing her beautiful spring garden.  Then  she consciously inhaled for 8 and exhaled for 12, visualizing the color, green.  Her final breathing practice was a calming 3 part breath on her exhalation, thereby enhancing her parasympathetic nervous system.  She inhaled  from her sacrum into her belly and right up to the crown of her head.  On exhale, she gently let air out from the top of her head to her upper back, and then she paused. Next she continued to her last floating rib, then paused again.  This beautiful breath continued right thru her sacrum and back into her belly. She visualized delicate flower tendrils and all the colors of the rainbow.  After surgery, as soon as she received medical consent, my client sat in nature and did her breathing techniques, visualizations, and even meditation while enjoying her garden.

While she lay in bed, she worked on her upper body, core, and even her lower extremities by aligning her feet, lifting & spreading her toes, and rotating her ankles. Bringing her arms overhead, she brought muscular energy into her midline using her breath.  She placed her arms, elbows bent in ‘cactus’ in order to bring the bottom tips of her shoulder blades together igniting her rhomboids. She also massaged her hands and fingers, practiced wrist circles, and used a block & a ball for bicep & pectoral actions—all lying comfortably in bed.

Now that she is able to stand, she works on stability, strength and range of motion by doing push ups on the wall–forearm pushups too!  She can do ‘wall dog’ and ‘pyramid’ pose,  really strengthening her entire body.  Her favorites are the balances since she can achieve wonderful results with her feet and ankle alignment and feel the ‘freedom’ in her upper body as she breathes more fully.

What about you? Are you having surgery soon? Have questions about preparation?  Email or call me with questions or for additional information. Email me at: or phone (406) 546-6922. I’d love to hear from you!



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