Therapy for Your Hips

By | February 6, 2013

The number of hip replacements has soared over 70% in the last 10 years!Cat-Cow pose for the hips
Osteoarthritis has become more prevalent and many people, even athletes, are forced into sedentary postures with pain in the hips.

Stand with your side body facing the mirror. Are your thighs moving forward? Are your heels narrower than your toes? Perhaps the head of your femur which forms one half of the hip joint where it joins with the hip socket (acetabulum) is being worn down by increased friction & poor circulation due to poor posture.

Very slowly, try these 2 movements which will benefit the hips, increase your range of motion and reduce pain. Align your body with your feet parallel—middle of your ankle to the 2nd metatarsal, weight on the 5 corners: great toe, inner heel, 5th metatarsal, outer heel & center of your heel.

First: Move your thighs back, broadening your pelvic floor & creating a lovely lumbar curve. The head of your femur (leg bone) moves delightfully back into your acetabulum (hip socket). This movement also takes pressure away from the inner edges of the hip joints where arthritis usually begins.

Second: Keeping your lumbar curve and the scintillating space you created, lift your lower belly & your tailbone will naturally root in this space. Your spine lengthens as your pelvis is stabilized over your legs. The more you use your breath, the more you will lubricate your joints.

You can also do these 2 movements on your hands & knees as ‘cat & cow’. Make sure your shoulders are over your wrists with straight elbows and your hips are over your knees. Inhale for ‘cow’ as you arch your back (curve in the lumbar), widening your sitting bones. Exhale for ‘cat’ as you round your back, rooting your tailbone & relaxing your neck. Enjoy your breath as the spine & hips become more mobile & supple!

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