Welcome to BoomerPlus® Yoga!

Have you ever asked:


  • What will give me more energy?
  • How can I help my body function properly?
  • What can I do to be more focused and less stressed at work?
  • What is the best method to help those suffering with pain find healing?
  • Where can I learn to be a more effective teacher?”

If you have ever found yourself asking one or more of these questions, BoomerPlus® has a program for you!

“Hi, I’m Amy Kraft, the founder of BoomerPlus® Yoga, and I’m passionate in my teaching, whether to athletes or seniors, adults or children. I constantly search for the best techniques to help my clients refresh and restore their bodies to wellness. With over forty years of education, training, observation, experience and practice, I thrive on excellence. My focus is on priming the body for optimal function with good postural alignment and use of ergonomics, leading to more energy, better focus and enhanced stress reduction.

It takes planning and effort to stay healthy as you age. Life does not have to mean pain and sickness. This is why we share the power of yoga for health and healing.

We extend our sharing with the unique BoomerPlus® methodology Amy teaches in her programs and workshops. You can live a healthy, active life as you age. You can also be a more effective teacher, better equipped to serve your clients with specialized training from BoomerPlus®.

“If you believe there is more you can do to live better and feel better… or more you can do to help your clients, then BoomerPlus® is for you.”

Our Students Say....
“Amy is a wonderful teacher and a master of therapeutics. She combines a deep knowledge of anatomy and principles of alignment with an easy personality and joyful approach. One leaves a session with her feeling better in mind, body and spirit, and is motivated to apply her techniques and mindful approach in order to sustain a greater sense of clarity and well-being in all aspects of life.” -Barbara

BoomerPlus® Programs

In my programs, we get very specific, teaching you exactly what works and engaging you in learning while equipping you with the skills and knowledge to help others. I break down the research, case studies and hands on learning sessions into SIMPLE, PRACTICAL LESSONS that you can benefit from IMMEDIATELY.

There are five main features of BoomerPlus: yoga fitness, education, employee wellness, senior health and the Boomer store with it’s ever growing list of offerings. We invite you to spend some time browsing our site. Email me your questions or give me a call. I’m always happy to help. My personal line is: 406.546.6922.

Our Community

BoomerPlus® is a thriving and fast growing community of health care professionals, executives, retirees… anyone who wants to become more- more active…more energetic…more successful… more productive…MORE.

Why the Name, BoomerPlus? While much of the focus is geared toward the 50+ crowd based on sheer need and numbers, BoomerPlus is not so much about a certain age, it’s the way your life can change for the better in an instant.

BOOM!…discomfort is gone. BOOM!… strength returns. BOOM!…depression lifts. BOOM! stress melts away. If a fresher way of life appeals to you…. Come join us- be Boomer!

One more thing- We’re Focused on Green! Why is our site green? Because green is the color of growth, of rejuvenation, of spring. Experience fresh new growth in your life with BoomerPlus®! Our programs infuse every area of your life with new strength, joy and vitality.

“If you want to get healthy and stay healthy, you must be proactive. Staying active and productive throughout life doesn’t happen by accident. You must plan and take action. BoomerPlus® programs may help.”-Amy Kraft

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